Mauritius, the nation of islands with area as small as 2040 km2 and capital city Port Luis is a little heaven on earth with a great beauty admired all over the world has many tourists visiting from all over the globe and It’s pleasant weather conditions through out the year adds to the beauty.

It is mostly famous in couples where romance blooms in the care of nature. the place has taken hearts of several celebrities like David Beckham, Oritsé Williams, Natalie Appleton, Jason Isaacs and our very own Indian personality Big B. 

This little land in Indian Ocean which has sugarcane plantation all over the country.When you drive in this country, one would realize the all the roads are running between the sugarcane plantations. The sugar cane is exported in huge amount from this country and it is the main business other than tourism.

This silent country has very less population but tourists keep it crowded enough. People here speak English, french, Hindi mostly. Not a very great place for a foodie.

A refreshing journey that has added a lot to my memories. Time with loved one’s and some time for yourself to absorb what you’ve been missing in daily busy life.

i hear the waves

soothing my ears

gives me energy

to face my fears 

the sweetness of sugar

blended in blood here

one would just smile

smile & cheer

trying to make living

i was lost in tears

now i feel revived

back to my to dear!

#sherlock #sketch

you wrote me a letter
with feelings so warm
i read it again & again
with the same charm

i feel you in it
in every word you wrote
in every other line
you left me a love note

you made me smile
with tear in my eye
it’s then i know
we’re never saying goodbye

if only i could show it
show it to the world
i would read it out loud
loud every word

i would spend it all on you
every dream & every dime
but you gifted me a memory
a memory & time

memories of you
that couldn’t be taken away
holding it all in my heart
i’m replying you today.

Playing with lions. #Mauritius #picoftheday #photooftheday #love #wild #wildlife

Batman! Effort to sketch a batman, a super hero.

मेरी इस जीतने की जिद में

तेरी कहीँ हार न हो

     मेरी चाहत को पाने में

     कहीं तुम खुद खो ना जाओ

मेरे सपनों के पीछे

मैं कहीं तुम्हें ना दौडाऊँ

     तुम्हारे सपनों के बीच में

     कहीं मैं आडे ना आ जाऊँ

कुछ बातें ऐसीं

जो तुम्हें कह भी ना पाऊँ

        कुछ बातें ऐसी

        जो तुम्हें समझा भी ना चाहूँ

डर है, कहीं कल इस भीड में

में  तुमसे खो ना जाऊँ

            बस तुम हाथ थामना मेरा

            जब इन रास्तों से मैं भटक जाऊँ

बस तुम साथ देना मेरा

जब मैं अपने आप से ही रूठ जाऊँ 

I fear

i fear not to the violent world

but to the silent people,

i fear not to fighting blind

but to my silent mind

i fear to the devastation

now i should stand and rise my nation.

On the way to andaman at 6am.

New #sketch #ironman #sketchofday

you’re killing me with your silence

& I’m killing you with my words

this is a new war,

we’re fighting a war!

trying to heal each other

we’re tearing us apart

cause, this is a new war,

we’re fighting a war!

no one would ever listen

& no one can understand

the bond we share is

Unbelievably strong

but, this is a new war,

we’ll be fighting a war!

Someday this war will end in peace

And someday life will be like good lord’s kiss

That day you’ll be next to me

& Someday this war will end in peace

& Someday this war will end in peace

                                                                                              —Ritwick Maindargi